Get Involved


Please join us. Check all the Workgroups below that interest you, add preferred activities in the Comments box, plus your contact info and we’ll get in touch with you.

Note: F = Faculty; C = Classified; M = Management; Ret. = Retired

Planning events and activities to celebrate the 100th Anniversary (including events that SRJC has done in the past).

Co-chairs: Lily Hunnemeder-Bergfelt (M), Debbie Weatherly (C)

We need your help planning now and putting on events in 2018 including our launch event, a big community picnic, and many other activities. Help with one or more events and activities. 

If you love to plan events, this is the group for you.

Planning to celebrate our proud past by publishing a book, creating an historical timeline and other activities.

Chair: Art Hsieh (F)

We need your help with writing, organizing memorabilia, choosing photographs, recording people’s stories, creating SRJC’s historical timeline.

If you love history (especially SRJC history), this is the group for you.

Community Connections: helping people get involved by creating opportunities for internal and external community groups to celebrate SRJC's 100th Anniversary.

Co-chairs: Jeannie Dulberg (M), Ricardo Navarrette (M, Ret.)

We need your help attending outside events and groups in 2017 and 2018 to talk about the 100th anniversary, distribute information, and encourage participation by the community. These may be groups in which you already participate – non-profits, business, associations, cultural groups and more.

If you would like to engage the community, generate enthusiasm, and talk to people about SRJC’s 100th anniversary, (or to support others who do), this is the group for you.

Developing and distributing information in varied ways to SRJC students, alumni, employees (current and former), community supporters and the media, to convey the inspiration and activities of the 100th Anniversary.

Co-chairs: Lisa Beach (M), Hal Sanford (F)

We need help writing emails to groups in and outside the college, revising content on web pages (web experience not required), writing copy to go on bookmarks or postcards, keeping information organized, and helping support the other Workgroups and 100th Anniversary Leadership Group.

If you love to communicate in writing and organize information, this is the group for you.