Rachel Marek

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 5:02pm

Rachel Marek Portrait“I was very lucky to have SRJC so close in my own backyard. It offers a fabulous education and a commitment to education and learning. The Doyle scholarships were in full swing when I attended and essentially paid for the entire tuition costs plus books and more. Attending SRJC was a great way to come out of undergrad with very little debt. It makes a huge difference when you start life out that way.”

“At SRJC, the science classes had machines and equipment that only graduate students could use at UC Davis. It was an incredible experience. The faculty are amazing and they are so committed to students and learning. Although I had a great experience at UC Davis, the faculty were focused on research and their priority was not teaching or students. SRJC helped students prepare for the next step in their lives.”