Event Ideas

If you want your event to be on the official list, and you want to be able to use the official 100th Anniversary logo, this is the page for you. 

If you are seeking a micro-grant to support your event or activity, click here.

Have an idea for your department or students to help celebrate SRJC’s anniversary?

We encourage you to collaborate with others to celebrate the unique qualities of our faculty, staff, students, and subject matter. What has changed, both inside and outside SRJC, since the early days of your department? Have the greater cultural, academic, political or technology environment impacted your subject matter?

Here are sample ideas for events and activities:

Reception for former and current faculty members
Write about well-known faculty members or alumni for posting on the 100th anniversary website
Create a photo exhibit – then and now
Videotape alumni about their goals and history, and current students about their goals
Write the history of your department for posting on the 100th anniversary website

Who can apply?

Any SRJC department, program or campus group willing to sponsor and carry out a 100th Anniversary event or activity can apply.

How do I/we apply?

Fill out the application form and attach supporting information.

When should I apply?

Applications will be reviewed by the Events & Activities committee throughout the 2017 academic year to allow for adequate planning. Applications must be for projects being planned during our 100th Anniversary in 2018. Activities at all campus locations will be considered. 

What are the criteria for application approval?

  • The proposal must be for an event or activity related to Santa Rosa Junior College, our 100th Anniversary, or the history or culture of our community.
  • The activity or event must present an opportunity to the College that otherwise might not be available.
  • The activity may involve partnerships or cooperation with other segments of the community.

What happens when I/we apply?

Applications will be reviewed by the 100th Anniversary Events & Activities Workgroup for inclusion on our event calendar. If approved you will be contacted about publicity opportunities for your activity and you will have the opportunity to interact with the committee as it explores how to best support and coordinate all 100th Anniversary activities throughout the 2018 calendar year.

NOTE: The 100th Anniversary Leadership Group is responsible only for application review. The applicant is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the event. The Public Relations office may assist with publicity; such as adding events to the 100th Anniversary website, and depending on availability, may be able to offer design services. 

If your event includes event costs you should consider applying for a 100th Anniversary Micro-Grant.